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Over half of small businesses cease trading after only a year. As a small business owner the learning curve is often steep and the margins for error slim, which is why Kent OPC was born. Based in North Wales, but serving the whole of the UK, we help small business owners, both face to face and online. Our regular events, which are hosted throughout the UK, have grown from strength to strength and with the help of several contributors we are in the process of publishing written guides on every aspect of running a business. We hope you find our website useful and find the time to make it to one of our business events.

Google Play Store For Small Business Owners


Google play store is the official app store for an android operating system. it is the original android market where all the applications produced by android SDK are offered by Google and are ready to be downloaded on one click. Serving as a digital media store it offers music, movies, books and other programs.

Applications that are available on play store are either free of cost or on charged rates. They can be installed with one click on the icon of the app into your android devices. Google play store does not only provides entertainment but it contains many useful apps i.e. educational, informative and business related apps.

google play

Google play store came into being on March 6, 2012, that makes it totally new software. It became popular with the emergence of android popularity; the applications provided by Google play store are targeted for specific customers also like business men etc. The play store offers all the popular apps that have become necessary for living i.e. social media websites like face book and its versions, twitter, and whats app. There are also apps designed by indie developers like Robert Semrad.

Google play store also restricts some kind of apps that are not appropriate. Particularly sexually offensive material, violence, hates speech etc. Most of the android devices have Google play store already installed but if in case it is not installed in the device it can be downloaded from different websites from the device’s browser.

play store

To use Google play store for downloading apps there are a few steps to be taken. The first step to use Google play is to make an email account on Gmail, after the account is made, then only can applications be downloaded.

The main purpose of this Gmail account is to monitor and send you messages about what’s new. Other than that the Google account is used to sync your contacts and other information of your android device if it is somehow lost or one wants his/her information to be transferred in another device.

play books

Google play store provides its users with the best and latest apps available in the market that can highly be used for business and other purposes also.

How Can A Small Business Owner Control Their Finances

small business finance

Managing money has always been a difficult task for many small business owners. Proper finance management is very crucial in a volatile economy and, you need to take the right decisions at the right time to survive in this highly competitive business world. Here are the best ways for a small business to control their finances:

1) Learn the art of budgeting your spending 

As a small business owner, you should have clear cut idea about how much money you require to break even and you should also have proper understanding about the money you need to spend for running the business on a daily basis. The business budget should be classified into four categories and they include prospective income, fixed expenses, variable expenses and paycheck- allowance. You need to understand that the realistic balance between needs and wants is the foundation stone of financial discipline and key to proper finance management.

2) Focus on investments that reap long term benefits 

Many small business owners commit the mistake of spending money to gain immediate benefits. It is always advisable to spend your money on things that offer long term benefits and utmost importance should be given to balancing the costs and benefits.

3) Give utmost importance to proper maintenance of records 

You need to maintain records properly and, all receipts and other details should be kept safely. You have to allocate time to organize your documents in the best manner and reliable service providers offer top quality receipt apps to upload your receipts in the best possible manner.

4) Use technology wisely 

You can definitely purchase top quality but cost effective software instead of buying highly expensive ones and meetings with clients or business partners can be held using online video conferencing solutions. You can also make use of cloud-based accounting software and all these simple steps always help you reduce the business costs in an effective manner.


Other effective ways that you can follow to control the finance include separating business and personal bank accounts, monitoring and measuring performance consistently and hiring the services of accomplished financial advisors. If you can follow all these steps with utmost commitment and discipline, it can be said without an iota of doubt that the process of managing finance becomes hassle free and result oriented as well.

Does Your Small Business Need A Website?


For some year now the web has changed the world of business, it has unveiled a whole new way of conducting business both for the small and large businesses. The advent of web 2.0 has lead to the development of e-commerce, today buying and selling can happen on the web with ease and securely.

Many people have put emphasis on the importance of a business website, but the question that is left answered or vaguely answered is, do small businesses need a website? If they do, what are the advantages and disadvantages of having one? In this article, we look at the pros and cons of a small business having a business website.

Pros of having a business website

1. its a way to ensure online presence

Many customers after hearing your business will look it up on the web; customers are growing to believe that most legitimate businesses offering quality services can found online and have a website. Having a website means your potential and current customers can easily find you.

2.Helps in operation cost reduction

A business website will offer ways to promote both the business and the products sold. The businesses website will contribute to cut on the marketing costs by availing free ways to promote products to the relevant customers.

3. Improved B2C ( business to consumer) communication

A business website will enable the business to communicate with the customers with ease and at the lowest cost possible. Websites provide real-time communicate between business and its customers; this will allow better service quality tailored to the customer needs.

4.Operation hours extended

Unlike the business, a website is available to the customers on 24/7 basis; the customers could go into the website order fro some products or get relevant information from the business through the website at any time from any place.

5. A wider market reach/ more customers

A website will not respect any boundaries it will be possible to reach a wider market and this means more customers for the business. A business website will enable small business to grow by enabling it to reach new markets at very low costs.

Cons of small business having a website

1. Website cost

The cost of website design and maintaining a website is high for a small business; the cost will include administration and optimization costs (SEO) as the small business will need an expert to ensure everything goes as planned and the website is found by the right audience. These costs might be too high for a small business.